Legs set “Georg”

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Made from 30 HGSA 1,2mm tempered steel.  Universal size. Fits measures : hips - (long) 40-45 around hips - 63-80. Greaves (long) - 30-36, around- 45-53

*example measures - last fotos

After much deliberation, development and testing, we came to the final form and concept of simplifications of plate legs from the "Georg" series. These legs are very comfortable, reliable, and most importantly (!) Affordable. The legs are completely made of 1.2mm 30 HGSA tempered steel. Created on the prototypes of the usual plate legs of European armor of the 14th century. The bottom of the 3/4 plate thigh does not have a strap for greater mobility and versatility in almost any size. At the same time, in order to exclude any "gaps" when squatting, jumping, kicks, the legs were lengthened. Thus, the structure forms a one-piece closed segment of steel when the knee and legs are bent in the knee area. The shins are made with dock inserts for side impact protection, making them even more secure and covered. The knee is made slightly larger than the standard in order to make it more versatile and more closed, protected. In general, this set of legs has been tested (see the video on the YouTube channel) and found to be quite reliable and versatile.
* The development of sabatons for this set is also underway. More videos / information / photos can be viewed on the current website and YouTube channel. We work for you;).