Eastern helmet “Khorasan“

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At present, it has become very difficult to assemble the “right” armor to the east / Mongol / Asia with the introduction of all the modern rules and approvals of HMB.  We tried to analyze hundreds of different sources in the form of books / Documents / museum exhibits to create full armor in this direction.  But the east is very difficult in the proper selection of a “complete” set of armor.  That is why the most complete and protected version that we decided to create is armor, according to the images in the book “Shahnameh” (book of kings).  This is a book about the legends of the east and various campaigns of medieval kings and generals.  Its most famous part was written by Firdousi, a Persian poet of the early Middle Ages.  It was in this treatise that we found all the missing elements of armor for the east.  Such as a helmet, a body, protect your hands and even leggings with Latin people.  And most importantly, they are all attributed to the same period in the 14/15 century.  More modern authors have already made selections and clippings of all the elements of armor we need in their books.  Such as Gorelik and others like him.  At the moment, our team has decided that there is no better and more justified source for the eastern armor of the Mongol or Asia.  All sources and photos are attached to the post).  We work for You.