Vendel helmet with decoration and titanium chain mail

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A couple of years ago we ordered a helmet in India for a photo shoot.
The quality we saw was…. To put it mildly "not very". It was just a waste of money and wasted waiting time…. And yet something had to be done with him). And now, a year later, we decided to take it up and restore it, but on the basis of our materials and tools. What has been redone)… .:
The helmet (body) itself was made anew from stainless steel, more reliable fastening elements were used, brass, brass jumpers were added, some elements were re-polished, a titanium aventail (!!!!) with chemical gilding was installed All rivets were replaced with stronger and more appropriate helmet design, changed liner and new leather straps for fastening the helmet. After many months of work, you can see what we have done))). This helmet was created in a single copy and can be purchased).
Naturally, this helmet is not suitable for buhurt and full contact battles. But for a historical festival or a pretentious addition to your historical costume - the best choice). More detailed photos can be found on our website)

*possible custom order but will be discussing with personal custom order.